Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Secret:

The secret to successful investing is learning your own style, or in other words trading method(s) that work for you. There is no correct approach that everyone should learn. However, every trader needs to assess how much risk they can comfortably handle. It is the single most important investment issue for long-term success in the Forex market.
Are you able to stomach the risk when the markets are moving up or down as fast as your nervous heartbeat? Do you carefully consider the various risks that are associated with each trade you make? The fact is, many people either don't have a clue how or don't feel they need to protect themselves from unnecessary risk. In most cases they don't even understand all the types of risk their investing is exposed to. We will be reviewing the various types of risk and proper risk management to maximize your personal performance, including:
- What is risk?- The different types of risk- The risk/Return Balance- Diversifying your trading

Default Risk

This is the risk that the company with whom you have your Forex trading account will be unable to pay out an investor's account balance when a withdrawal request is submitted. Many Forex traders remember the incident of Refco in the fall of 2005. Unfortunately Refco, one of the world's largest investment firms with brokerage arms within commodities, futures and forex filed for bankruptcy protection and each of the brokerages were auctioned off to competitors or former subsidiaries. Their clients were unable to withdraw profits and initial capital until the brokerages were sold off. As of yet the dust has not settled and it is still too early to tell if all former customers received complete compensation. Choosing a suitable, stable broker is more than choosing the biggest.